AgriMetal brings wind of change with more choice in blowers and collectors market

Three low decibel three-point linkage mounted leaf and debris blowers and two high capacity collectors from AgriMetal arrived in the UK last Autumn.

It was perfect timing for a new range of blowers and collector recognised for their safe, efficient and reliable performance for sports, grounds and other turf customers.

The blowers are all tractor mounted. The BW2500 requires a 25hp at the PTO, B35 a 35hp and B50, 45hp respectively.

The B35 and B50 have an impellor made out of special composites rather than steel which, because of its weight, requires less energy at full throttle, delivering a quieter, smoother and vibration free operation whilst also increasing airflow CFM by around 25 percent compared to other products on the market. This will have sure-fire appeal to golf courses and urban sports ground, for example, where it is important to keep noise pollution to a minimum.

The lightweight construction reduces the sudden loading on the driveline and helps reduce belt wear as the PTO is engaged. The large roller on which the blower rides lets you work in the worst conditions without marking or compacting the turf, particularly useful for sports surfaces, especially on turns. In fact, in contrast to the competition, the roller will often smooth out imperfections on the turf.

This low decibel series of tractor-drawn blowers has been designed for maximum productivity and minimum maintenance and are a worthy addition to any golf course, sports ground, paddock and orchard and the option to fit caster wheels, which allows the machine to switch to hard surface application, makes them a good option for public schools, colleges, universities and large estates for driveway clearing too.

Joining the blowers are two collectors, the Tuff Vac and Multi Vac. The Tuff Vac comes in two variants, PTO driven for use with a a 35hp+ tractor, or with its own 27hp engine allowing it to be towed by a smaller tractor or larger utility vehicle. The Multi Vac is pulled and powered by any 50hp or higher tractor.

The Tuff Vac delivers a simple but effective proposition in either version. A hydraulic counter rotating brush or rubber ‘finger’ rotor provides superior performance on hard to pick up materials such as straw. The fact that this can be changed to a nylon bristle brush for hard surfaces and the addition of a wander hose kit for awkward areas means it’s a versatile little number. Plus there’s a whopping 50 percent more exhaust area than some competitive models means more vacuum and less clogging.

Meanwhile, the Multi Vac has a large format design, greater holding capacity and a new brush system that is second to none in sweeping leaves and branch debris. The impeller RPM is reduced for a quieter operating level, reducing noise pollution, and two rotary blades turn at high speed to shred leaves and branches. A third rotary blade is located inside the pick-up head throat to preventing clogging. This exclusive internal shredder greatly increases the volume of debris that is packed into the hopper and prevents dust to deliver a cleaner job.

The pickup head rides on four large rollers to eliminate marking, compacting and scuffing of the surface and the new brush freely pivots so as not to damage the turf while throwing leaves and branches into the intake.

Steven Haynes, sales manager at UK distributor Reesink Agriculture, continues: “For those looking for a debris blower or collector, this range is competitive and worth a look. The products deliver high performance, excellent air flow and are not too noisy, while Reesink and its dealers brings customer support and finance to the party.”

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