Multigenerational moveart playsculpture launched in UK

Swiss moveart playsculpture are the latest innovative brand to be added to All Urban’s designer brand portfolio.

A UK exclusive, they make the perfect addition as they help the UK landscape industry create dynamic public spaces which help tackle some of the challenges of modern British family life.

Modern life can be hectic, everyone within the family can have busy schedules which means that there may only be moments throughout the day where family members can share activities together. With a shift in focus to ‘doing’ over ‘being’, shared quality time can take secondary priority.

One of the challenges facing modern family life is being ‘cash rich’ but ‘time poor’ which means overall standard of living is on the increase, however time has become a scarce commodity.

Our struggle for shared plans stood out in the ‘Bassett’s Vitamins – Family life with more colour’ survey, which revealed that almost half of the 2000 UK families who had children under the age of 18 were desperate to spend more time together. 1 in 10 explained that their lives are so busy they don’t spend any time together at all.

High quality landscape and urban designs take modern challenges such as these and find creative solutions which enrich, enhance and improve quality of life for people in public space. Sourcing innovative, sustainable and stylish products which create socially enhancing encounters are vital in building inclusive and memorable public spaces. All Urban are dedicated to equipping landscape architects and urban designers with products such as these to achieve their mission of improving the quality in public space and moveart playsculptures are perfect for this.

Moveart playsculpture are the original inventors for these interactive multiuse art objects which encourage fun and exploration for all. In keeping with their tagline, ‘Awaken the personality of your space’, each form has been uniquely developed using their signature HIP profiling technique.

Desired user actions which cater for all generations within the family unit, for example ‘sitting’ ‘climbing’ or ‘hiding’ can be selected to inform the evolution of the form which once installed, can facilitate scarce opportunities for cross-generational activity and interactions, harmonising generations in space. These objects create living spaces where young and old come together in a playful way…including grandparents!

Ideal for city streets, plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, river and canal sides, patios, terraces, rooftops and courtyards, urban planners can choose from a set of beautifully designed standardised sculptures or work together with moveart playsculpture to design bespoke forms which synthesise with a local landscape and community. Their versatility in form makes them ideal for small compact public spaces which want to cultivate more engagement.

The beautiful forms are inspired by the shape of the double helix, whose geometry symbolises the adaptability of life. Alluring in form, they have a harmonising and stimulating effect both on humans and on their material and natural surroundings making them perfectly suited for enriching public spaces. The fascinating shapes contribute to the character of a space, their beauty can encourage families to walk and cycle bringing huge health and wellbeing benefits to everyone involved.

These sustainable forms are manufactured from exceptionally durable Accoya wood, and therefore have an extremely long life and keep maintenance to minimum. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with European safety standards for playground equipment SN EN 1176.

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