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Petrol Hole Borer -

By Makita UK

The Makita BBA520 Petrol Hole Borer is designed for land owners and professional use. It is ideal for the drilling of foundations, fence posts,...

Agricultural Fencing Timbers -

By M&M Timber

For professional fencing applications, a range of quality round timber products to suit all requirements. Machine rounded, peeled and pointed options,...

Crowd Barrier Fence -

By Duralock (UK) Ltd

We produce a variety of crowd barriers for a range of different uses. Our fixed crowd barrier is designed to guide and protect and is available in...

Balustrade -

By Duralock (UK) Ltd

Duralock balustrade fencing combines classic style with modern materials to create stunning fencing that won’t need any upkeep. The PVC-u...

Post and Rail- Permanent -

By Duralock (UK) Ltd

The unique qualities of the post and rail system make it ideal for the sport environment and this is why it has been chosen over and over again for...

Moveable Post and Rail Barrier -

By Duralock (UK) Ltd

Post and Rail- Moveable: The movable post and rail system is the ideal choice for all eventualities. The system is installed into a sunken socket to...

Picket -

By Duralock (UK) Ltd

The white picket fence is ideal for cricket pitches and pavilions, and with good reason. The picket slats with tapered tops whilst looking great also...

Circo Modular System Shelter -

By IAE Fencing Limited

The IAE Circo Modular System can be the answer to almost any cycle parking requirement. Built up from the Circo 90 quadrant base unit, inline and...

Vmex® Fencing -

By IAE Fencing Limited

IAE's most cost effective perimeter fence. IAE Vmex is designed to be unobstrusive whilst still offering a good level of security. The weld mesh...

Duex® Fencing -

By IAE Fencing Limited

Duex 868 fencing is principally designed for a sports environment. The configuration of double 8mm horizontal wires sandwiching a 6mm vertical wire is...

Bow Top Fencing -

By IAE Fencing Limited

IAE provide the most comprehensive range of Bow Top Fencing available. From the cost effective single Bow to our more elaborate’ Blythe’ design,...

Pedestrian Gates -

By Centrewire Limited

Pedestrian and Mobility Access Gates Two way gates provide the best access for all because users can pass through in a forward direction from both...

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