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Mistral Top Italian Offset Flail Mower MTP132 1.32m -

By Agrint

Super light & robustly built, the Mistral Flail Mowers can cope with brambles and thorns whilst leaving a fine lawn finish if used regularly.All...

Bora Heavy Duty Italian Flail Mower BORA186 1.86m -

By Agrint

The Bora Flail Mowers feature a reversible gearbox meaning the mower can be front or rear mounted.The heavy duty design makes it suitable for a wide...

Winton Flail Mower WFL145 1.45m -

By Winton

Our WFL145 Winton heavy duty flail mowers are perfect for cutting pasture and paddock areas, ideal for maintaining a variety of lengths of grass...

Giraffe Hedge Trimmer -

By Weaving Machinery

Where a neat finish in hedges up to 2cm thick, the versatile Giraffe cutterbar hedgecutter has no equal. The hydraulically driven 1.22M blade...

XB Rear Mounted Flail Mower -

By Weaving Machinery

The versatile XB mower is light enough for use with compact tractors of between 15 and 25 bhp yet robust enough to cut and mulch everything from long...

Ezeemow FX -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

Trimax flail technology for compact tractors.The new Ezeemow FX™ is the ideal partner for your compact tractor where versatility and robustness is...

Warlord S3 -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

Heavy duty flail mulcher mower.The all new Trimax Warlord S3™ with it's hydraulic sideshift operation makes for a powerful working companion in...

Stealth S3 -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

The Stealth S3 has been designed to have a higher quality of cut, operate in a wider range of conditions, be safer, more robust, easier to operate and...

Three new Groundkeeper models -

By Amazone

Amazone has widened the product portfolio of its multi-functional Groundkeeper with three brand new models. Designated the GHS Drive and offered in...

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