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GravelGrid -

By Capatex LTD

GravelGrid offers an effective alternative to waterbound surfaces. The individual grid cells contain the gravel, stabilising it and prevent downward...

Stabletex Thermally Bonded Stabilising Drainage & Separation Membrane -

By Capatex LTD

A high performance thermally bonded membrane for stabilisation, drainage and separation. Stabletex® is an extremely hard wearing membrane with many...

Plantex Landscape Fabric -

By Capatex LTD

A multipurpose membrane ideal for pedestrian usage and provides separation and assists drainage and controls weeds.

Hypex Ground Cover & Geo-textile Membrane -

By Capatex LTD

A woven geo-textile membrane suitable for use as a ground cover, weed control and also for stabilisation and separation. Resistant to UV rays, Hypex®...

Weedex Weed Control Membrane - 70, 90 & 50 -

By Capatex LTD

A non-woven weed control membrane. Ideal for applications such as underneath decking, children’s play areas, rockeries and retaining walls. Once...

Dupont™ Plantex® Gold -

By Dupont Plantex

DuPont™ Plantex® Gold is an aesthetic bi-coloured, non-woven Polypropylene weed control barrier for long lasting, highly effective and...

Dupont™ Plantex® Cocomat -

By Dupont Plantex

DuPont™ Plantex® Cocomat combines the technical advantages of Plantex® weed control fabric with the aesthetics of natural coconut fibres....

Dupont™ Plantex® -

By Dupont Plantex

DuPont™ Plantex® is a non-woven Polypropylene weed control fabric for long lasting, effective and environmentally friendly weed control. Used by...


By Fibresand International

Originally designed for the equestrian market, but equally successful in Landscape/Amenity and Construction Applications, Fibresand is a simple but...

Traffipave -

By Fibresand International

Traffipave is a unique, cost effective sustainable ground surface system designed to minimise the overall depth of construction and reduce...

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