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Twiga 500 -

By Spearhead Machinery Ltd

Presented with the possibility to be fitted with a multitude of attachments and available with a quick attach coupling system for ease of exchange the...

Compact R Series -

By Spearhead Machinery Ltd

The Compact R Series is a lightweight flail mower with a low power requirement ideal for smallholders, local authorities and customers with compact...

R Series -

By Spearhead Machinery Ltd

Capable of cutting material up to 50 millimetres in thickness the R Series is perfect for the maintenance of farmland and pasture to a high and...

Outfront Flail -

By Spearhead Machinery Ltd

Tractor matched to most forward control tractors, the Spearhead Outfront Flail delivers consistently high output in wet or dry conditions, long grass...

Rollicut 170 -

By Spearhead Machinery Ltd

The Spearhead Rollicut series is ideal for matching to compact tractors and excels in parkland, amenity mowing, golf course, orchard and paddock...

Snake -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

Snake is the accumulation of over 30 years of Trimax innovation, engineering and customer insight. Designed for sports turf and golf courses, Snake...

Striker -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

This Trimax quality trailed rotary mower is for use with compact tractors and designed for year-round, non-contract maintenance of sizeable grassed...

ProCut Series 3 -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

This multi-spindled, tractor-trailed rotary mower has been a success in commercial mowing the world over for more than 20 years. Its robust...

FlailDek FX -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

This front-mounted flail mower, now manufactured in the UK, can tackle any cutting requirement, from single pass clearing of metre-high wilderness to...

Pegasus S4 -

By Trimax Mowing Systems

The Pegasus tractor-mounted triple-deck rotary is the top-selling Trimax mower, and no wonder, since in the UK it is steadily replacing cylinder...

Husqvarna P525D -

By Husqvarna UK Ltd

High-capacity diesel-powered front mower offering unbeatable manoeuvrability and productivity in complex and narrow environments as well as in...

BE Hammer-Knife Shredder -

By KUHN Amenity Pro

GRASS SHREDDER FOR COMPACT TRACTORS A new grass shredder for compact tractors was one of the developments revealed by Kuhn at IOG Saltex 2012 as the...

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