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Kärcher redefines the most important control element

Kärcher is introducing a brand new design the "EASY!Force" trigger gun for its range of commercial cold and hot water pressure washers.The most exciting innovation is the trigger, which is pushed into the handle with the ball of the hand.When the... Read More

Kärcher launches new Park & City product line

Kärcher's new battery-powered tools work on a modular concept allowing the batteries to be interchanged between units. Using more efficient and longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries saves both the expense of servicing the motor and the cost of... Read More

Switch on to the benefits of hot

When it is so widely known that hot water cuts through grease and kills germs more quickly and effectively than cold water – no one does the washing up or bathes in cold water by choice – it is perhaps surprising that more people haven't yet... Read More


Karcher Professional Brochure

Karcher Professional

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CS 330 battery-powered chainsaw -

By Karcher

Part of Kärcher's exciting new Park & City...

KM 80 W P Sweeper -

By Karcher

Kärcher’s innovative KM 80 W P is a compact...

LB 850 battery-powered leaf blower -

By Karcher

Part of Kärcher’s exciting new Park & City...