Cempak offers builders and landscapers a fast fix for fence posts

Cempak offers builders and landscapers a fast fix for fence posts
Tarmac Building Products is helping builders and landscapers to avoid messy and arduous cement fixings on site thanks to its innovative Cempak Fence Post Fixing Foam.  

Incredibly quick and simple to use, the two-part liquid solution is activated within the bag. Mixed in seconds, the 429g Cempak pouch delivers the same result as a 20kg bag of concrete; making it easier for contractors to both set a post and transport supplies around the site.

Poured straight from the bag, the foam expands and sets to backfill the post hole and become a solid fixing within minutes. After half an hour, the foam will be fully set and ready for the fence panel to be erected.

The foam is suitable for wooden, concrete and metal posts, making it a versatile alternative to traditional concrete. The unique foam, which fixes one post per pouch, also provides higher resistance to wind loading whilst protecting wooden posts from rotting underground.

Matt Rushton at Tarmac Building Products, comments: "Our Cempak range has been developed to simplify traditionally difficult or time consuming construction jobs. The Fence Post Fixing Foam is a fantastic example of how we have embraced an innovative solution to help builders and landscapers get the best use out of their time on site.

"The incredibly light bag makes it simple for anyone to complete the job at hand, whilst mixing the solution in the bag means there is no mess. The foam comfortably holds the post in place after a few minutes, so the user can carry on with other tasks whilst it sets. The end result is not only easier to achieve but provides great strength and protects the fence post itself from rotting for years to come."

Cempak Fence Fixing Foam is now available to contractors and merchants nationwide from Tarmac Building Products.

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