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Apex Tool Solutions Ltd

Apex Tool Solutions are a carbon negative company that specializes in soil decompaction and injection of soil improvers. Apex fix waterlogging, puddling and standing water created by soil compaction using the revolutionary Vogt Geo Injector. Apex offer a range of services and a range of machines aimed at improving soil quality, saving trees, and land restoration. Their expertise is in soil decompaction, where they inject air into the soil at depths of 1m (up to 2m). This creates cracks, crevices and voids allowing water to drain and air to circulate. Apex then inject a soil improver, mainly enriched biochar, into these cracks and crevices creating holding them open and creating permanent drainage and aeration. This improves soil quality, aeration and drainage as well as creating nutrients for flora and fauna, We inject 1kg of enriched biochar per 1m2 and for each 1kg of biochar inject we sequester 1.2kgs of CO2. We can cover upto 400m2 in a day, and can inject in all soil types.

Apex Tool Solutions are the UK only Distributors for Vogt Geo Injectors and also sell the full range of Geo Injectors.