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Aspen is better for man machine and the environment

Regular pump fuel is produced during the crude oil refinement process where the result is a mixture of around 100 hundred substances, many of these substances are extremely hazardous and toxic to humans and the environment.Benzene is a known... Read More

Aspen Fuel powers cleaner performance for contractors

Arboricultural companies, large and small, are discovering the benefits of switching their fuel over to Aspen Alkylate Petrol. The UK’s largest tree contractors, Gristwood and Toms, together with Merseyside-based grounds and landscapers, Kingsman... Read More

Record March sales for Aspen Alkylate Petrol

UK sales of Aspen alkylate petrol grew by a massive 74% in March compared to 2018 figures, thanks to an increasing uptake from compassionate businesses changing to using this cleaner type of fuel to be greener and safer in their working... Read More