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Aspen Alkylate Petrol is virtually free from sulphur, benzene and other harmful substances found in regular pump fuel – improving the health and performance of your equipment, the working conditions for the operator and significantly reducing the harmful impact your machinery makes on the environment.

The cleaner burn generated with Aspen Fuel benefits the health and performance of your equipment leading to longer service life and reduced downtime. Being ethanol-free improves the reliability of engine performance and preserves the life of component parts which can be susceptible to failure when running on conventional pump fuel, especially if it has been left for any extended period of time in storage.

Aspen 2 is alkylate petrol pre-mixed with a premium quality biodegradable 2-stroke oil, eliminating the hazards and potential damage associated with mixing, making it safer for the user and ensuring consistency in engine performance. Suitable for a variety of land-based 2-stroke engines including chainsaws, hedge trimmers and power cutters, Aspen 2 can also be safely stored without deterioration in quality meaning that engines should be easy to start even after long standstill periods.

For 4-stroke engines, Aspen 4 retains the clean qualities of Aspen 2 without the oil, making it an ideal choice for smaller petrol machinery or for projects undertaken in environmentally sensitive locations.

To meet the ever-growing demand from commercial customers, Aspen is available to order in a variety of unit sizes (5L, 25L, 60L and 200L), giving users the flexibility to specify their fuel quantity by the container, pallet or drum that best suits their usage, storage and transportation requirements.

The Fill Partner Autofiller has been specifically designed to fit the Aspen 5L can to make the refuelling of your machine even safer and easier. The Autofiller protects you and the surrounding environment from unnecessary contact with the fuel through its unique vapour recovery system. The complete seal from the can to the tank ensures there is no release of petrol vapours and when the tank is full, the Autofiller automatically stops refuelling.

Aspen Fuel can be collected from a number of approved dealerships nationwide or can be delivered directly to your premises – allowing for easy monitoring of usage and consumption, and reducing the downtime associated with travelling to collect fuel.


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