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BASF – at the forefront of turf research and...

Professional turf care is an art form that requires skill, precision and high-performance products to be successful. Sometimes even the most experienced and skilled greenkeepers have been let down by their products, which is why BASF invests... Read More

Harness the power of biological control to banish pesky...

Few things disturb the peacefulness of a garden more than discovering slugs munching on the vegetable patch and vine weevil larvae infiltrating pots and planters. Thankfully, beneficial nematodes offer an easy and effective solution to rid the... Read More

Protect turf from the inside out with Insignia

Greenkeepers across the UK are turning to strobilurin-based fungicide Insignia to keep their turf protected this summer. With its key ingredients helping to prime the turf immune system, resist disease attacks, withstand heat and drought, and... Read More