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The drought may be over but another danger to lawns is...

Lawns will be recovering from the ravages of the summer heat and lack of rain but another, even more damaging prospect, lays in wait – birds and animals rotovating the grass in search of the larvae of leatherjackets and, more likely, chafer... Read More

As the heatwave subsides garden pests will emerge more...

The current prolonged dry weather has already ended in some parts of the UK with reports that the rain has encouraged garden pests to come out on the hunt for tasty plants to sate their drought driven appetites.Top of the list of predators... Read More

Don't get held Hosta(ge) by slugs

Hostas are well loved by many gardeners, as they have the most amazing foliage that can provide both dense ground cover and interesting structure to pots. They are resilient and easy to grow, thriving especially well in light to medium shade. They... Read More