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Bayer raise awareness of mental health at BTME

Bayer is celebrating a successful 12-month collaboration with mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) at BTME this year, with a representative from the charity on the Bayer stand for the event’s duration. Timothy Peeling,... Read More

Bayer launch new ‘Glyphosate Hub’

To support the use of glyphosate in the amenity sector, Bayer has launched a new amenity specific ‘Glyphosate Hub’ to empower contractors by providing them with relevant information about this vital active ingredient. Freddie Bendall-Brown,... Read More

Preparation and planning, the key to tackling weeds...

As spring approaches, amenity contractors across the country will be turning their attention to weed control.“As soon as soil temperatures rise, we’ll see accelerated weed growth,” says Lewis Blois, national account manager at Bayer.He... Read More