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Expert advice frtom British Seed Houses is worth a hole...

Constructing new golf holes during the worst summer on record and the coldest spring for 100 years handicapped but did not deter the ambitious owner of a Bolton golf course. Indeed to see the roughs, fairways and greens now at Regent Park Golf Course... Read More

Playing cricket gives sportsground contractor the edge

A sportsground contractor who renovates 15 to 20 cricket clubs each autumn takes more than a professional interest in the game. For Richard Bryce, proprietor of Sports Ground Services in Milton Keynes, has been playing amateur cricket for nearly 40... Read More

Cowdray Park has Gold Cup quality

Horses and riders galloping across polo fields make for exciting sport and spectacle but away from the glamour is the challenging task of providing top class playing surfaces. That responsibility is certainly keenly felt at Cowdray Park, the home of... Read More