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Hot water wins the war on weeds

The uncertainty and controversy of conventional chemicals used in weed control is only due to intensify in 2017.Industry professionals are looking for innovative ways to reduce their dependence on traditional herbicides without implicitly pricing... Read More

New attachment picks up posts and drives business for...

Groundwork, fencing and plant hire firm, Six Mile Excavators, gets the job done faster, safer and more efficiently using an innovative multi-purpose vibratory post driver attachment from Cardley-Bingham that can pick-up, position and drive or extract... Read More

Is 2016 the start of sustainable weed control in the...

As of November 2015 the "˜Grandfather Rights' exemption in the UK was revoked meaning that now anyone who applies pesticides professionally, whether that is in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Industry or Amenity, must possess a valid Pesticide... Read More