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Viano and DJ Turfcare - organic to the core

Sustainability, eco-friendly, environmentally sound, ‘green’ - these are all words that have found their way into everyday language and the public agenda, but for leading eco- friendly garden product supplier, Viano, it is the core ethos of the... Read More

DJ Turfcare confirms new lawn care innovation

Given the climate in this island moss is an ever-present problem for lawns. Deal it a blow by using products like MO Bacter fertiliser, but moss produces spores which it leaves behind, and these spores can survive summer droughts only to re-infest... Read More

Lawncare is a breeze with DJ Turfcare’s MO Bacter

MO Bacter organic Lawn Fertiliser – from Vivano and exclusively distributed in the UK by DJ Turfcare - is an innovative slow-release feed that cleverly digests moss without the need to scarify a lawn. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural... Read More