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Boosting your EGO at SALTEX 2018

Since its launch, EGO has truly established itself as a pioneer of outdoor power technology. With its 56V Arc Lithium battery, EGO has been going from strength to strength – making huge waves in the industry. The ground-breaking brand will be... Read More

More mowing with less fumes

Bringing the very latest in battery technology to the turf, the EGO Power Plus range of Self-Propelled Mowers are simpler, cleaner, quieter and more comfortable to use!Using a 56-volt lithium-ion battery, the industry’s most technologically... Read More

EGO’s commercial cordless garden tools offer power...

To meet the needs of ground care professionals in terms of power, performance, convenience and wellbeing, EGO Power+ is launching its first dedicated range of commercial cordless garden tools.Powered by the patented design of the 56V Arc Lithium... Read More