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Immediate opportunities to focus on parks and green...

Fields in Trust has issued a warm welcome to all the MPs elected last week – in particular the 335 new MPs – as they find their way around and settle into their new offices at Westminster ready for Parliamentary business to start. During the... Read More

What are the UK’s political parties saying about...

The UK’s parks, green spaces, and playgrounds are on the brink of crisis, with 6.3 million people across the country not having any nearby access to these precious spaces. Fields in Trust says the industry as a whole must make it clear to all... Read More

New UK government 'must address play crisis’

According to Fields in Trust’s latest Green Space Index research, 2.3 million children in Britain under the age of nine (31%), live more than a ten-minute walk from the nearest playground. These findings are part of the 2024 Green Space Index, a... Read More