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Urgent planning reform needed to improve access to...

Recent research from Fields in Trust who campaign for everyone to have access to a park or green space within a ten-minute walk, now reveals that we need 4,000 new local green spaces by 2033 just to prevent green space provision declining from... Read More

Fields in Trust and The City of Edinburgh Council join...

A reception at the Scottish Parliament has focused on the need to protect more of Edinburgh's green spaces for good and asked local businesses and communities across the capital to get involved to help this happen.Fields in Trust are working with... Read More

Five decades of sporting memories protected forever in...

A green space in the South Tyneside village of Cleadon has been protected forever, becoming the fourth green space to be legally safeguarded by South Tyneside Council, joining spaces in Boldon, Hebburn and Jarrow. The protection of the playing... Read More