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Gianni Ferrari


Gianni Ferrari launch the Turbo Z 440D and Turbo 4...

Italian mower manufacturer Gianni Ferrari has launched two brand new machines within their Turbo and Turbo Z ranges, with the new units becoming the highest spec mowers in their respective product lines.As a machine the Turbo Z 440 offers the... Read More

Latest Gianni Ferrari PG is truly a machine for all...

The newly upgraded Gianni Ferrari PG Ride-on mower is a machine for all seasons. It is still the most compact and versatile in its class, but has undergone some ergonomic improvements to increase operator comfort. These include a new electronic... Read More

Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser proves its versatility at...

The Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser has proven to be the pinnacle of versatility for Lucy Gillie, Helix Park Supervisor, who is in charge of the 350-hectare site in Falkirk. The machine was sold to the Falkirk Community Trust and has been used across the... Read More