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Headland has a new way to tackle weeds and pests

New-Way Weedspray is the only registered herbicide approved for the control of moss on hard surfaces as well as being a fast-acting, non-selective control for grasses and broad-leaved weeds. The product produces discolouration and browning of the... Read More

Simple tip from Headland solves problem on the...

The unique ‘Florida style’ Bransford Golf Course at Worcester’s Bank House Hotel provides a challenge, not only to players of all abilities, but also to the greens team. For his nutritional programme, Golf Course Manager Graham Wallace turns... Read More

Non pesticidal disease management is the Headland focus

The withdrawal of some popular turf fungicides has made it essential that greenkeepers look for ways to minimise plant disease by using a variety of other strategies. Producing a grass plant that is strong and healthy is more likely to make it... Read More