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Enjoying flower bulbs from January into July

Did you know that flower bulbs can be adding beauty to your garden as early as January? And this is just the start of months of pleasure from their gorgeously coloured flowers. If you do a bit of planning, you can have them in bloom until some time... Read More

‚ÄčLilies in the garden

Lilies in the gardenThe lily is a striking flower that enjoys widespread popularity. It is particularly known for its suitability as a cut flower. Its wonderful colours, large blooms and characteristic scents adorn many living rooms. But did you know... Read More

Dahlias: cherished for their diversity

Dahlias have become real favourites as summer-flowering bulbs in recent years. Once hampered by a rather stuffy image, this association has disappeared and they are now more popular than ever! One reason for this high regard is the diversity in... Read More