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Instarmac Group PLC


Weatherproof your paving

There has always been something quite peaceful and magical about a frost covered landscape. The dusting of snowflakes often transports us to images of a winter wonderland but the moment we step outdoors, that beautiful frozen landscape can become... Read More

A true all-weather jointing solution

With the rise in popularity of garden heaters, fire pits and chimenea’s, gardens are no longer relegated to the summer months but can be enjoyed all year round. Geo-Fix All Weather jointing compound has been formulated to work perfectly in all... Read More

UltraScape launch a new permeable paving system

UltraScape are constantly innovating and driving change to provide expert and specialist paving materials that meet and exceed the ever-evolving demands of the industry. With this in mind, they are delighted to present perma-bed, a new and unique... Read More



Ultrascape Paving Guard -

By Instarmac Group PLC

Ultrascape Paving Guard Ultrascape Paving Guard is...

Ultrascape EP-R9 -

By Instarmac Group PLC

Ultrascape EP-R9 Ultrascape EP-R9 is a resinous...

Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS -

By Instarmac Group PLC

Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS is a...