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Japanese Knotweed Control


Stem injection of Invasive Species

For the last decade Japanese Knotweed Control has been using the stem injection technique pioneered in the UK by its sister company Stem Injection Systems (Europe) Limited. Stem injection is one of the most successful and proven methods in which to... Read More

​Plant experts call for industry-wide adoption of...

Experts in Japanese knotweed remediation are urging the industry to subscribe to the Invasives Code, following its recently announced renaming. Formerly known as the Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) Code, it is set by The Invasive Non-Native... Read More

Misinformation is a big risk as Knotweed itself, say...

Senior figures from the Japanese knotweed remediation industry have called for greater transparency as the UK enters “epidemic” risk levels.The invasive plant, whose rapid growth can destroy man-made and natural structures in its path, threatens... Read More