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It never pays to cut corners when it comes to engine...

Nothing is more important than keeping machines running, which is why the role of servicing and maintenance is key to the success of every business. From the correct way to tilt the mower, to the wrong way to clean spark plugs, Kawasaki Engines... Read More

New facility simplifies research for professional...

Kawasaki Motors Europe has launched a resource on its website that makes it easier and quicker for professional gardeners, landscapers and groundsmen to find machines and equipment Powered By Kawasaki Powered By Kawasaki wherever they are in Europe. ... Read More

Kawasaki’s EFI engines – a key component to...

In order to create the best quality lawn for your customers, turf health is paramount and one of the key things that can help ensure the best turf condition possible is technology in the form of an electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine from... Read More