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Gravel path renovation from Kersten

Gravel is a tricky surface to maintain, but in order to keep it looking attractive weeds must be removed regularly and good drainage should be encouraged by de-compacting the stones and bringing them back to the surface. This will ensure the... Read More

New Hoaf weed burners from Kersten

Prior to the 1960's when chemicals became prevalent weed burners were widely used. Now chemicals are coming under pressure weed burning is making a resurgence.And the technology has moved on a bit, using infra-red radiation and hot air. This speeds... Read More

New Glyphosate regulations and what they mean to the UK

A lot has happened over the last few months with regards to the use of weed killers containing glyphosate, so Kersten thought it would be a good idea to share the information with you.Kersten is a market leading supplier of site maintenance equipment... Read More