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Mansfield Sand


Built on and thriving on Mansfield Sand

In 2009 the Colt Course at Close House Hotel and Golf Resort in Newcastle Upon Tyne was constructed with a sand soil rootzone from Mansfield Sand. Brian Clark, Golf Course & Estates Manager, has continued to use the company’s sand-based... Read More

It’s what’s underneath that counts

Ed Mowe, head groundsman at Leicester Tigers, believes that a good sand is integral to the performance and health of a sports pitch – and it is for this reason that he has relied on Mansfield Sand products throughout his career. Before joining... Read More

Mansfield Sand makes the difference

Since using products from Mansfield Sand, Stuart Vause, Head Groundsman at Castleford Tigers, claims that the pitch has resulted in a more free-draining, firmer surface. It is safe to say that Stuart is living the dream. As a lifelong fan of... Read More