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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME helps create urban oasis in...

Marlborough Sports Garden, a long-time community recreation space in London Bridge, has been regenerated and reopened, featuring unique hexagonal planters made from MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME.Transforming the once graffitied concrete space into an... Read More

Stunning handcrafted planters designed to last with...

Owing to the durable MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) panels from which they’re made, Oxford Planters handcrafted planters are both long-lasting and flawless in their finish. “Our planters are a long-standing investment not a changeable... Read More

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME paves the way for cycling safety

Colourful directional figures made of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME now point out a safe route to school for children in Billund, Denmark.The figures are part of a wider health initiative in the municipality that hopes to make children more active.As part... Read More