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Get up to date on glyphosate

It’s the topic that won’t go away – virtually every day a new social media feed or tabloid news story brings glyphosate back into the spotlight. Farming industry leaders are now campaigning to secure the future of this active ... Read More

Roundup ProActive gives Christmas tree growers...

Christmas tree growers can continue to use Roundup ProActive with confidence for over the top spraying this winter, despite recent restrictions to the use of glyphosate.Glyphosate products formulated with the surfactant Polyoxyethylene... Read More

No change for Glyphosate users after resolution

Amenity managers, groundsmen and contractors can continue to use Roundup products as normal following the EU resolution on glyphosate, Monsanto has confirmed. Technical Manager Manda Sansom explains: "The vote in the European Parliament on 13 April... Read More