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Act now to beat herbicide resistance

Herbicide resistance is a very real threat to our ability to effectively control weeds in amenity situations and groundsmen need to take steps to avoid it, warns Monsanto. Technical Development Manager Barrie Hunt explains: “There are currently... Read More

Ecoplug’s new formulation first choice for...

Contractors are reaping the benefits of a new formulation for Monsanto’s Ecoplug Max, now fully available from distributors.Ecoplug Max is a patented tree stump control application method, originally developed in Sweden to deliver more... Read More

Glyphosate given last minute reprieve by the EU

The EU has granted a five-year reprieve to the use of glyphosate as a weedkiller just weeks before the deadline of the existence licence.Following months of wrangling, the EU countries voted to renew the licence despite environmental concerns.The... Read More