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GftK is state-of-the-art jointing for paving jointing

Inadequate paving jointing is the primary cause for most of the problems with natural stone paving setts or cobbles, as well as many of the issues with larger slabs.This is true in all different areas, from domestic patios to market squares, and... Read More

State-of-the-art in urban paving re-pointing

Get cost efficiency as well as longterm durability in service with GftK’s vdw paving joint mortars. Pointing, and especially repointing, the difficult so-called ‘smaller format’ urban paving, such as natural stone setts and cobbles used for... Read More

Porcelain tile paving – successful jointing explained

The key to successfully grouting the joints of external porcelain paving is to use an equally high-performance jointing material. This means a product that is easy to apply, easy to clean and remove residual grout from the surface with no haze or... Read More