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Bring your course to life at night with Otterbine’s...

With Otterbine’s Fountain Glo colour changing lights there is no need for the lights to go out when the sun goes down. Otterbine fountains are renowned for being multifunctional tools, ensuring not only a centrepiece for your lake and pond... Read More

Seven Otterbines for Staples Farms

Staples Farms, a 70-year-old family-owned farming business in Lincolnshire, has chosen an Otterbine aerator for the seventh time to keep its reservoirs’ water quality to the highest standards. Opting for the high volume aerator again, the... Read More

New Otterbine restores fountain to former glory

After the installation of a new Otterbine, the fountain at the centre of Newquay’s Boating Lake has been restored to its former glory, providing a stunning centrepiece for the whole community to enjoy. Having served the lake for over a decade,... Read More