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Playinnovation creates community activity hub to help...

On the 10-year anniversary of the London 2012 Olympics, Playinnovation has helped transform a unused space into a thriving community hub in Newham, North London. Working together with local residents, Playinnovation completed an incredible... Read More

Creating inspiring play opportunities

Playinnovation create inspiring educational sports areas with the WOW factor! Engaging your schools and communities by developing innovative Family Inclusive sports areas. (FISA)Working closely and successfully with pupils, Headteachers and staff of... Read More

Say goodbye to ordinary ball courts

When we think of a ball court, we tend to picture a grey, rectangular, asphalt area with a set of goals or hoops at either end – usually with some kind of wired caging around the perimeter. Pretty uninspiring, right? Well, that’s all... Read More


Educational Family Inclusive Sports Areas & Games Walls Brochure

Educational Family I...

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