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Choose your weapon against weeds

UK manufacturer Quad-X, have developed a wide range of ATV equipment to tackle all aspects of weed control, ideal for areas too wet or awkward for tractor access. Left to its own devices your pasture will become choked with weeds and wild plants... Read More

Equipment with the X-Factor

UK manufacturer, Quad-X offer a range of affordable ATV equipment ideal for those involved in the construction and landscaping sectors.They have developed over 100 attachments for quad and utility vehicles. Quad-X offer 8 different models of... Read More

Quad-X continue to innovate

UK manufacturer Quad-X recently launched a new commercial spec dump trailer at the Balmoral Show.his adds to the comprehensive range of 100+ ATV attachments made by the firm in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.The dump trailer has been engineered for... Read More