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Rain Bird hosts Distributors Council and kicks off 50...

Rain Bird’s 50 years in Europe anniversary celebrations began with an exclusive two-day Distributors Council held in November in Marseille, France. It brought together key European distributors in the fields of landscaping, sports turf and golf... Read More

New smart and versatile controllers at BTME 2023

At BTME 2023 (Stand 132), Rain Bird Landscape and Sports Turf irrigation will be displaying a number of new products including the new RC2 Smart Irrigation controller and the modular ESP-LXME 2 traditionally wired models. Used in conjunction with... Read More

New FG 100 Flow Sensor technology offers affordable...

As droughts and water usage restrictions look set to become more frequent, new ways of saving water and using it more efficiently are being seriously considered by property owners and contractors. Rain Bird Flow Sensor technology is designed to... Read More