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Landscape machinery - including turf care, sprayers, waterers and trailers - is just one sector covered by the range of the products manufactured in Britain by SCH (Supplies) Ltd.

Established more than thirty years ago, the company began by designing lawn care equipment but soon found that the demand for their well-built yet affordable machinery was catching the eye of professional landscapers, amenity managers and those responsible for sports surface maintenance.

The company set about developing their products and now offer an extensive array of brushes, sweepers, rakes, drag mats and have extended the number and type of trailers and other equipment they have in their 80 page brochure.

SCH focus on producing robust machines that are almost always fully assembled. They can also make bespoke changes to items in the brochure on request and are often called upon to design entirely new units to meet the demands of an ever changing industry.

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SCH continues to build on strong traditions

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Autumn preparation with SCH Supplies

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Total groundscare solution with an all-in-one machine

A flail mower is ideal for maintaining rough grassed areas, pasture land, and woodland walks where a conventional mower gets clogged up and struggles to cut. SCH Supplies Ltd’s FM42 and FM48 have the same base design and construction, with the... Read More


SCH 2019 Brochure Brochure

SCH 2019 Brochure

By SCH Supplies


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Rubber Drag Mat -

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Professional Power Sprayer Ref PS22 -

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