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Suståne delivers perfect bill of health for club

A year-round programme from Suståne Natural Fertilizers has been effectively managing moisture and turf stresses to keep the 27-hole course at Wellow Golf Club disease-free. Course Manager Lee Payne describes how the ‘perfect combination’ of... Read More

Suståne programme gets top marks from Farleigh School

More than a decade on from the switch to an organic feeding programme, the grounds team at Farleigh School in Hampshire are receiving more praise than ever before. Staff, parents and pupils alike have cited how surfaces across the 70-acre site are... Read More

Start spring the Suståne way

In the pursuit of rapid root development, superior growth and ongoing plant protection from drought, pathogens and stress factors, Bolster Granular 4-4-4 + 3Fe has proven itself to be the perfect partner for recovery from spring renovations. Ideal... Read More