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Track turf pests this summer

The new Turf Pest Tracker will follow the timing and movement of the adult life cycle stages of key turf pests this summer to report and view insect activity. The GreenCast website enables all turf managers and agronomists to report activity of... Read More

More female leaders can make golf more profitable

More female club managers, course superintendents and golf course architects would drive greater profitability in the golf industry, according to a leading expert on diversity and inclusion in business.Liz Dimmock, founder and CEO of Women Ahead,... Read More

Emergency Authorisation for new Acelepryn soil pest...

An Emergency Authorisation has been granted for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of Chafer grubs and leatherjacket on golf course greens and tees, horse racing courses and airfields. The approval was applied for by... Read More