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Hicure biostimulant to build plant energy and protect...

The first turf biostimulant from Syngenta heralds the potential for a step change in stress management, along with performance enhancement for existing and future turf management programmes. New Hicure has been developed to deliver the key... Read More

Syngenta survey assesses mental health in the golf...

A new online survey commissioned by Syngenta is aiming to assess the mental health of club managers, greenkeepers and PGA Professionals. After an unprecedented year in which many golf courses experienced extreme disruption due to the Coronavirus... Read More

Research initiative offers insight into turf management...

A new research project is set to provide vital answers to the pressing questions of ‘Managing turf under lockdown.’ Crucially, the results will be reported as the trial progresses to enable greenkeepers to make decisions over the coming weeks. ... Read More