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New Turf Advisor app to support active management...

The new Turf Advisor app from Syngenta will now give greenkeepers, turf managers and agronomists instant access to a wealth of key information and advice to help make better decisions for day-to-day actions and planning. Fully customisable for... Read More

Total Approach to leatherjacket control

The new Syngenta Leatherjacket Total Approach Pack will provide turf managers with a comprehensive one-box solution to tackle the damaging pest on turf surfaces. The fully integrated approach will optimise the potential of chemical, biocontrol and... Read More

Low intensity suffers as cut height reduces

With golf courses, for the most part, open again in England and Wales, with Scotland set to follow suit this week, the low-intensity manangement 'Lockdown' trial at STRI commissioned by Syngenta has moved into week six. There are some inevitable... Read More