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Phytophthora destroys Yew trees in Surrey

Arboriculturists and gardeners alike will be familiar with the devastating effects that Phytophthora causes. There are several hundred organisms of the Phytophthora species of oomycetes, commonly known as water moulds, and after honey fungus,... Read More

After the flood

The year 2022 was the hottest on record in the UK and experts are warning the unprecedented heat is a sign of things to come. With the ground dried out and continued heavy footfall, amenity areas, sports fields, golf courses, parks, other... Read More

Ten per cent off Terralift aeration at Futurescape

Terrain Aeration, the one-metre deep aeration specialists, are offering 10% off their Terralift aeration treatment for visitors at Futurescape. The Terralift system is used in areas where panning and heavy compaction have caused the ground to flood... Read More


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