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Deep aeration at Bricket Wood

When St Stephen Parish Council had a waterlogging problem with their playing field at Bricket Wood, St Alban’s, they brought in Terrain Aeration. Normal aeration had little or no effect across the field and there was also a wet patch at the... Read More

After the flood

The long, hot summer of 2022 made the year the second warmest on record in the UK and led to drought in many areas. With the ground dried out and continued heavy footfall, amenity areas, sports fields, parks, other tree lined spaces and even... Read More

Terrain Aeration for England’s largest Sequoias

Darlington’s South Park is home to two of what are believed to be the largest giant Redwood trees or multi-stemmed Sequoiadendron giganteum in England. Planted in March 1863 to commemorate the marriage of the future King Edward VII to Princess... Read More


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