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Wiedenmann UK Ltd


Extraordinary all-electric agria 9700e tool carrier...

Having designed the agria 9500 and 9600 radio- controlled hybrid grass and brush mowers eight years previously, Agria’s R&D team was hugely equipped for the challenge of developing the all-electric agria 9700e tool carrier. Launched late last year... Read More

Eight task cassettes for STrac 700 system

The Wiedenmann Maredo STrac 700 system continues to tackle even more maintenance tasks. Launched in 2021 with four cassettes - scarifying, aeration, seeding and fraise mowing – in the last three years it has doubled its range of turf related... Read More

Wiedenmann’s Whisper Twister is invaluable year round

Wiedenmann UK’s Whisper Twister has earned a fierce reputation for its reliability and performance. As its name suggests, its trail-blazing patented whisper turbine allows operation in low noise places like schools, hospitals, and residential... Read More