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Wilkinson Sword


Get your lawn in shape for summer – with perfect turf...

The hum of lawnmowers regularly fills the air, now that winter is finally over and summer is fast approaching. But even the most prudent of gardeners should be careful not to ruin the look of a beautifully cut lawn with untidy edges. Here are... Read More

Precision pruning from the cutting specialists

There is no one size fits all for perfect pruning. However, Wilkinson Sword, with more than 100 years of cutting expertise, knows just how to deliver what gardeners need, which is why it has launched a new Precision Pruner Twin Pack to provide... Read More

Choosing the best lopper for spring pruning

If you have trees such as apples and cherries, you may be beginning to think about an early spring prune. Once the risk of frosts has passed, your roses may need a tidy up to get rid of any weak or dead growth too. Loppers are an essential tool for... Read More