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Wyevale launches its first Landscape & Amenity...

One of the UK's leading nurseries has unveiled its first Landscape & Amenity Catalogue in 17 years. Wyevale Nurseries' new 169 page catalogue lists more than 2,500 lines and all the plants listed in the catalogue are all grown by the company. Adam... Read More

No wintery discontent for nursery with Richard's burial

One of the UK's leading nurseries in Hereford has recently (September, 2014) supplied the plants for two landscaped gardens within the grounds of Leicester Cathedral where King Richard III will be buried. Wyevale Nurseries was commissioned to... Read More

Trees and hedging available at Wyevale Nurseries all...

Wyevale Nurseries has announced it is from this month (September, 2014) onwards able to offer trees and hedging to its customers all year round. People can purchase field and container grown trees and hedging from the company, which is based in... Read More