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They give you the pole position: riding mowers of AS-Motor

How can perfection be turned into something more comfortable? Simply by fitting a seat. But as we enlarge out Allmäher family by the riding mowers, we of course did not want to do things the easy way. When you are mowing in high grass, weed, scrub and undergrowth, the riding mowers of AS-Motor are a highlight for everyone involved in landscape preservation. Because they feature a particularly low centre of gravity, a large wheelbase and a compact design, you can quickly and seaely reach your destination when you are using a riding mower. Cutting and mulching follow the Allmäher principle no compromises.

 For everyday work

The riding mowers AS 80 and AS 911 are so robust and versatile that they are the best piece of equipment available: for industrial, municipal, agricultural or private use.

 For a rakish trip to mother nature: Allmäher AS 800 FreeRider

The AS 800 FreeRider takes a lot of work off your shoulders and makes you enjoy the power. No matter where you are using the mower - in thicket, high grass or scrub or on a steep uneven alpine meadow - you will easily reach your destination riding the FreeRider. Every industrial or private mowing and mulching job is carried out quickly and accuratley. With its low centre of gravity, optimum weight, large whhelbase, wheel with agricultural tyre tread and differential lock the riding mower will get through everywhere. From the driver's seat all important functions can be comfortably controlled like in a cockpit. The 10kW (13.5hp) single-cylinder 4-stroke engine allows working speeds of up to 6.8km/h to be reached. The cross blade system provideds a cutting width of 80cm. The FreeRider can mow a surface of up to 4,900m2 per hour.

 Offroad fun: riding mower Allmäher AS 911 Enduro

A landscape preservation mower for which even professionals envy you: the Allmäher AS 911 Enduro is the extremely flexible high-class power pack witha turning circle of only 0.80m. Angled, hilly and impassable terrains are the preferred playgrounds. Get on the seat, thurn the ignition key to start the powerful Briggs & Stratton 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine delivering 15.5kW (21.0hp) and be off. With a cutting width of 91cm everything runs like clockwork. An important safety feature: the seat contact switch stops the blade and engine when the operator leaves the mower. The Allmäher AS 911 Enduro for professional and private users really is the superstar among the riding mowers


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A S Motor (Opemm)