Aldingbourne Nurseries - ANS Living Wall System

The foundation of the ANS Living Wall System is the Module. The planted and established Module is attached to a vertical structure or wall.

Nature has always grown plants vertically, but there are limited planting varieties and applications as to where they will grow. The ANS Living Wall System provides a solution to this problem by offering a wide range of planting suited to all aspects of exposure.

The unique feature of the ANS Living Wall Module is that each cell is set on a 30° angle and has a media depth of 150mm. Each Module is designed to have water flow through to the water retention fleece, without displacing the media. The Modules are all planted by hand, working to a planting design.

Modules are installed with an Emitter Irrigation System, installed along the horizontal run of each 500mm Module line. Designed to emit water evenly along the top of each Module run. Whether it be automatic, or semi-automatic, an Irrigation System is recommended for the long-term sustainability of vertical wall planting.

Whether it be for a residential property or a commercial property, a Living Wall, will not only deliver the eco-benefits of greening, but a bespoke design that will evolve throughout the four seasons of the year. The design can be as creative and colourful, as your aspect will allow. A living wall can be installed as a feature, or to cover a structure that is an eyesore.


Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM
Aldingbourne Nurseries