GreenMech Ltd - Arborist 130

The compact unit is a simple-to-use, and cost effective, road tow chipper designed in response to industry demands.  It is of traditional in-line format to meet the tough demands of today’s arborist, groundscare and landscaping expert.

Using a remit that includes durability, performance and ease of maintenance, the Arborist 130 ticks all the boxes and gives value for money. A member of the popular Arborist range, it has been specifically engineered for disposal of waste brash as over the last few years an increase in the market for firewood means that useable wood is kept for log production.

With a choice of either a 23hp B&S or Honda petrol engine, the Arborist 130 is value-engineered for quality, performance and economy. Fabricated with a deep beam high tensile steel chassis construction for strength, the engine is protected by insulated steel panels giving robustness and lower noise emissions. These panels are designed to be easily removed, enabling good access for routine care and maintenance. The control box is situated in safe and convenient place on top of the in-feed chute, centralising the operation of the machine.

A generous 970mm x 790mm in-feed hopper, which aids bushy brash reduction and coupled with a 150cm x 230cm letterbox-style throat, enables heavily forked branches to be fed in easily. This reduces the number of chainsaw cuts by hundreds per day, and thereby increases output. The twin vertical hydraulic rollers efficiently crush the material with minimal lateral movement. The electronically controlled No-Stress feed system reverses the feed rollers to relieve the chipper blades, allowing the rotor speed to recover quickly, once again increasing output.

As standard the Arborist 130 comes fitted with our patented Disc-Blade system which gives up to 150 hours of chipping before requiring re-sharpening. Since we recognise that some traditionalists prefer to use straight blades on their machines, the Arborist 130 flywheel will accept either Disc-Blade or straight blade options.


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