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Only trust the original!

Safety comes first with HUCK play equipment. This is why the HUCK Bird’s Nest® is extremely popular and extra safe. In the HUCK Bird’s Nest®, the children play on a close-knit mesh mat that does not allow any arms and legs to slip through. The risk of injury is therefore extremely small. The little “chicks” sit on a continuous and gently rounded bottom, just like their feathered friends in a bird’s nest. Of course the standard for play equipment also has specific requirements for the padding and the HUCK Bird’s Nest® clearly exceeds these. 

Another quality criterion:

The extra-strong abrasion protection for super stressed connecting pieces, such as the chains hanging the baskets. A very weather-resistant rubber hose sleeve (flexible in the cold) for the HUCK hanging chains offers optimal protection for intense use. Our bird’s nest is very popular!

Maintenance is even easy:

The play equipment can be repaired in its suspended state with no problems at all. All materials used come with a 5-year warranty. With the proper care and maintenance, the children can enjoy the play equipment for a long time.

Made in Germany quality!

The standard HUCK Bird’s Nest® has a blue wrapped rope. Here you can see other colours such as green, black, red and natural hemp. Our experience and standards guarantee quality of the highest level – HUCK quality “made in Germany”!



Only trust the original! Because only the HUCK Bird’s Nest® combines fun, durability and safety.


Use the advantages of all original HUCK nest swings!

Safety and high play value

- Narrow-mesh chain-link mats

- Protection against slipping through orarms and legs being pushed through

- Nest-shaped base

- Extra-strong padding


Premium quality

- Additional chafing protection on connecting parts

- Suspension chains enclosed in very highquality, weatherproof rubber-fabric tubing that remains flexible at low temperatures

- 5-year guarantee on all materials


Very easy to maintain

- Repairs to nest mats carried out on site where they hang

- High availability of replacement parts

- HUCK service with pickup and redelivery


The birds nest swing can be supplied with Blue, Green, Red, Hemp or Black wrapped ropes making it suitable for a range of backgrounds and play areas.  The Huck birds nest swing® can be fitted to most swing frames giving great versatility.  


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