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We are wholesale suppliers of a very large range of bulbs for Autumn and Spring flowering. Besides importing bulbs from Holland, we also export daffodil bulbs to Holland. Most daffodils sold in the U.K. are grown here not in Holland as many people think! There are over 20,000 varieties of daffodils and tulips grown but commercially the number of varieties is much less, especially of daffodils.

Bulbs are excellent value for money for the garden, most will flower for many years, especially when planted for naturalising, and they are a welcome sight in Spring.

Spring flowering sorts can go from January to May, giving a vast range of colours and flower types.

Pictures of many bulbs are available on the internet, for those unsure of how they look.

Our company has been going for about 100 years, with origins in Holland and the U.K. Spalding has long been a daffodil producing area, and in the past has also been famous for tulips, but economies have caused that particular crop to almost cease being grown, with only a handful of tulip growers left. However daffodils are a very important crop with exports to North America and various European countries of a few thousand tonnes sent every summer.

Millions of bunches of English daffodils are sold through the supermarkets every Spring, and also tulips which are grown under glass.

So brighten up your garden, and plant some bulbs!



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