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Pro-Mach Ltd distribute Coup’eco, a brand known worldwide as the best manufacturer of saw heads. The Coup’eco range of saw heads can satisfy any requirements and can be attached to any tool carrier.

Coup’eco saw heads can be attched to any type of arm mower, any small or large excavator, any front loader, telescopic handler, selfpropelled arm mower and so on.

Pro-Mach Ltd also supply stand alone units to be paired with compact tractors along with special multitool carriers such as: Avant, Multihog, Multione, Jumbo an so on.

Coup’eco saw heads can be used in any of the followig applications & environments:

Pruning swathing
Forest path
Road sides
Railway sides
Tree surgery
Fruit trees
Thick branches cutting (max 18 inches)
Ornamental hedge cutting (laser driven)

Coup’eco unique overlapping blades design ensures the best performance and avoids a jamming effect often experienced by other saw heads.

The design of our saw heads are well renowned for its simplicity and ingenuity which ensure great performance combined with easy servicing.

They operate at a low rpm level resulting in very efficient fuel consumption and guaranteeing a longer lasting life for both the saw head and also for the carrier.

The finishing ensured by a saw head is unmatchable by any flail mower whereas the former leaves a clean and appealing cut the latter for its nature tends to leave a tear up finishing.

It is also a proven fact the saw heads allow the carrier to work faster resulting in less time needed to do job.
We offer the most complete range of saw heads available on the market from a single blade unit (900 mm in diameter) to a multiblades saw head with 8 blades in line.

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