Euro Grass B.V. - Euro Grass Seed Catalogue 2011

Euro Grass B.V., the new Amenity Seeds Supplier to the UK market, has released its Seeds Mixture catalogue for 2011. Aimed at all sectors of the industry the Euro Grass amenity seed mixture range covers a multitude of applications. Species and varieties are carefully selected as part of the mixture formulation process. ‘’A well composed mixture will withstand pests, diseases and out-compete weeds better than individual varieties or a narrow selection of components,’’ says Simon Taylor, Market and Sales Manager for Euro Grass B.V. in the UK.
The Euro Grass standard mixtures are split into 7 groups. ‘’Classic’’ is designed for general purpose lawns and landscaping where an economy option is required. ‘’Ornamental’’ is suitable when a finer textured finish is required and only the best will do. ‘’Shade’’ is specifically designed for those difficult shaded conditions. ‘’Sports’’ mixtures are extremely wear tolerant and aimed at tough sporting conditions. ‘’Renovation’’ consists of fast germinating, wear tolerant grasses. ‘’Golf’’ is focused at the requirements of golf and bowling greens, and ‘’Special Use’’ offers unique characteristics for specific uses. 
A total of 22 mixtures offer’s a straight forward and cost effective solution whatever the project. Mixtures can be identified by the ‘’EGB’’ prefix which represents the backing of a very strong foundation of grass breeding, production and sale support.
One additional feature of the catalogue is a pictorial botanical characteristics guide to grass species used in the amenity grass industry, a useful reference for turf managers wishing to identify those species which best suit, their situation.
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