Ground-Guards Ltd - Ground-Guards RoadTrack System

The Ground-Guards RoadTrack system is made up of lightweight plastic panels which join together to make temporary site access roads.

These lightweight plastic panels have now become recognised as standard equipment for use on many landscape and construction projects. This is largely due to the fact that they are virtually indestructible. They are guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles of up to 120 tonnes, which makes them ideal for manoeuvring heavy equipment around on site with minimal disturbance to the turf. Additionally, the extra safety that they provide could also save someone from having a serious accident.

Ground-Guards are made from environmental friendly 100% recycled plastic. They range in sizes from 2.4 x 1.2m (8’ x 4’) down to !.8 x 0.6m (6’ x 2’) and are available with different tread patterns to suit a whole range of uses. Panels can be quickly fixed together without tools by use of special joining clips.

Ground-Guards are also available in Grass Rings and Gravel Rings formats for use for creating long-term grass or gravel car parks. The unique feature of these is that they are of separate dedicated designs for either grass or gravel reinforcement, thus ensuring optimum performance for each particular situation.


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