IPU Group - IPU Irus Quatrak

Designed with inaccessible areas in mind

The four wheel driven IRUS QUATRAK operates through remote control, with a range of up to 300 m. This is the ideal distance to work with, as the machine always needs to be within a good visibility of the operator.

A specialist slope mower, the IRUS QUATRAK comfortably tackles tough mowing task on flat and difficult to access areas.

Special Features:

55% Gradient:

  • The Irus Quatrak is used primarily for mowing and maintenance of steep slopes, parks and roadside greenery.

Ground Conservation:

  • The four-wheel drive ensures optimum soil conservation and slope efficiency.

Remote Control Unit:

  • To ensure user safety

  • To give easy access to inaccessible areas


  • 30hp petrol engine

Adjustable Flail:

  • Cutting head max 127mm to minimum 25mm




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